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Enter Cubecamp!

Play games, compete as patrols or dens and help build Camp Meriwether in a Minecraft experience!
Coming Soon!

What is Cubecamp?

Scouts from all over the world can interact in a Minecraft environment and experience Camp Meriwether and Camp Clark.  They will be able to play games, compete as patrols or dens and a lot more.  Camp Staff will montitor the gaming experience.

First Month is Free!

Obstacle courses, archery, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, build contests, and so much more.   Your first month is free.   We are looking for CubeCamp staff who will be given in game privileges to help run events, answer questions, and improve the game experience. 

Key Contacts

Todd McDonald
Camping & Program Director

Carrie Hutchcraft
Program Assistant

Scenes from CubeCamp

About CubeCamp

CubeCamp (formerly MineCamp) is provide by a contracted agreement with a CubeCamp LLC.  CubeCamp LLC is a Minecraft platform development company.  They host the surveys maintain safety compliance support to our Council Leadership to key this experience safe, enjoyable, and fresh.

Players must give us a Minecraft user ID to play.

Each Scout must provide a Minecraft user ID to play.   This ID does have a onetime fee.  If you have not set one up, you can do so by following this link for How to create a Minecraft Account.

Information About Gameplay

We will be launching MineCamp on February 1.  You will receive the instructions on how to log in on that day.   The first week we will challenge all players to create a build area, Play all the games and explore.  After that we will start with competitions and events.   Before your child logs on, please complete Cyberchip for their age group.  This provides essential training in online safety.  Below, you will see our safety measures. 

We recommend that you watch with your child the first couple times they play.  Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

When Do I Pay?

The first month is free.  Mid-February you will be given the operation to extend the subscription beyond the free month.   Please consider paying at least quarterly ($30).  Annual Subscription is $84, and Monthly subscription is $15.   We are considering Unit Registration Fees.  Contact Todd McDonald if you would like to sign up your entire unit.

Why the Java environment?

The main reason the Minecraft camp is run on the Java Edition of Minecraft is that it gives us the level of customizability needed to build the mini games and execute the experiences that we provide. Most importantly, this includes the range of chat control and security features that enables us to operate as safely as possible on our end. Even if other Minecraft Editions allowed for such features, they are not completely cross compatible, i.e. iOS/Android users cannot play with PS4/Xbox users. Minecraft Java Edition can be run on Windows and Mac, so there is no platform issue for PCs

How do we keep your child safe?


Only BSA registered youth and adults will be able to join your virtual camp.  Parents of minors will need to give permission for their children to participate. To ensure this, our system only allows users whose usernames have been specifically registered by us to enter the Camp World. That means that if you do not give us their username, their account will not be able to join.


In game, players are allowed to freely message others.  These conversations are kept and reviewed.  Chat-wise, we have a number of security features already in place from the beginning, which include:

  • An active filter that monitors and blocks messages with inappropriate wording
  • Powerful moderation tools that are used to deal with chat discrepancies
  • An active filter that blocks out links if they are attempted to be sent in the chat.
Administration Moderation

We have a staff and moderators who will have: 

  • The ability to mute/remove/private message individuals
  • The ability to see all the chat, including all chat logs
  • The ability to go invisible (make it seem as if you are not online) and supervise the campers
  • The ability to teleport to/from campers without warning and observe
  • Also, upon arrival each time members will be reminded that they can type /report Player to let us know of anyone misbehaving.  We can then review Chats, interview players and rectify situations.
  • NOTE: MineCamp is open 24 hours but will not be moderated at all times.   We will be reviewing chat logs and checking in with our players on a monthly basis.  Feel free to report any issues with me directly.
  • MineCamp is fully COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant. You can learn more about this compliance at https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/childrens-online-privacy-protection-rule-six-step-compliance
Screen Time

We acknowledge that parents may not want their children to be online for an indefinite amount of time.  We will have a daily time limit of two hours.   We may open up more on weekends or for special events.   This is to reduce pressure on our servers, prevent overtime online experience and keep our program fresh.  (Staff will be given unlimited access which is one reason why we restrict the age range)

Griefing Protection

Griefing is a term used to describe one player’s vandalism of another player’s building/property in the game Minecraft. To combat griefing, we have strict programmatic resources in place that:

  • Allow players to protect their assets
  • Allow players to protect their lands/buildings
  • Allow players to choose who has access to their belongings/land
  • Prohibit others from destroying a player’s protected land
  • Allow administrators to revert changes made to a build and bring it back to a previous state
Privacy & Information

MineCamp LLC, does not collect or retain any data from campers. Quite simply, the only data that is kept is for in-game services , such as where their avatar last stood, chat logs and what items they had in their inventory.  The Cascade Pacific Council Registrar and Director maintain the registration list and manage the subscriptions.  We also, will communicate periodically to your and your Scout.