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Patrol & Cohort Camping Now Open!

The Cascade Pacific Council is excited to offer some of our properties this summer to reduced-capacity, cohort-only camping!  Here are the important FAQs: 

What is "cohort camping?"

A group of up to 10 youth and 3 adults who camp together in a single campsite. Cohorts must stay socially distant from each other, sleep in their own tent, and act independently from any other cohort. 10 youth is a strict limit set by the state of Oregon. More than 10 youth will not be allowed at a campsite.

Can our entire troop camp if we reserve in multiple sites?

You are allowed 1 cohort per campsite.  Multiple cohorts from the same pack or troop will be placed apart and need to function entirely independently (including separate leaders, cooking equipment, etc.)

What transportation & arrival rules need to be followed?

Cohorts must arrive simultaneously for check-in, AND be transported individually.

Only those in the same household may ride in the same vehicle.

Who provides food?

 We are not allowed to provide food service, so please bring your own food and cooking gear.

How do I make a reservation? How does it work?

Here are the steps to take to make a reservation:

  1. Review the Fall 2020 Cohort Camping Guide to make sure you understand the restrictions
  2. Review the availability and choose dates that work using the buttons on the right side of the page
  3. Complete the form using the “Reservation” button for the camp you choose
  4. CPC will contact you within two business days to discuss options and make a reservation.

Note: Reservations will be completed in the order received and are not complete until payment and confirmation are received.

State and local regulations may change at any time. Your team at the CPC is in constant contact with state and local legislators and health professional to ensure safety and compliance.

What isn't allowed?

Prohibited items/activities: pets, swimming, firearms, trailers, RV’s, ATV’s, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, fireworks, chainsaws.

What do campsites include?

All camps include: water, covered dining shelter with picnic table, and outhouses.

What are the accomodations?

Camp Cooper: Limited Adirondack shelters, primarily bring your own tent.

Camps Meriwether/Clark: Two person or larger Adirondack shelters available, or bring your own tent.

Butte Creek: Bring your own tent.

What programs are available?

While each camp offers plenty to do, program areas and equipment will not be available as we are not allowed to offer camp programs. (e.g. waterfront, climbing, and Meriwether bike courses are closed.)

Minimal volunteer staff will be available for check-in, check-out, and cleaning.

We encourage you to explore as many camps as possible on your cohort adventure.


Where do we park?

One car (no trailers) may be parked at or near your campsite at Camp Meriwether or Camp Cooper, though not at Butte Creek. Other vehicles may be parked at the parking lot.

How to Make a Reservation

  1. Choose a camp you’d like to visit.
  2. Review available campsites in buttons below
  3. Fill out the form at “Make a Reservation”
  4. A staff member will contact you to finalize your site reservations and answer any questions.

Standard Per-Site Fees:0

Butte Creek:

  • Weekend Cohort Camping (2 nights/3 days, Fri.-Sat.): $120
  • Half Day Horse Riding $60/person

Camp Cooper:

  • Weekend (2 nights/3 days, Fri.-Sat.): $100

Camp4All Discount of 25% can be applied to Cohort Camping.


Email us at info@cpcbsa.org


Other Places to Camp

Sample Accomodations & Options

Camp Locations 

Maps, directions and full camp details will be sent along with your reservation.

Butte Creek Scout Ranch

Camp Cooper

Forms & Downloads

Must be shown at check-in.