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Important Summer Camp Updates & FAQs

by | May 15, 2020 | Council, News | 0 comments

Summer Camp 2020 is Cancelled, but New Outdoor Opportunities Launching June 12, 2020

The BSA outdoor program is the canvas to an essential experience that engages character development in our Scouts.   Our youth, families, and mentors look forward to the adventures our summer camp programs offer. It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of our existing summer camping program during the summer of 2020. 

For the past month, our council risk management committee and a special volunteer task group of physicians, safety professionals, and board members, have evaluated data from the health industry. Sources include the Center for Disease Control, American Camping Association, the American Association of Camp Nurses, and our National BSA Support. This task force unanimously concluded that the COVID-19 risks and resulting guidelines make camp safety incompatible with a quality and impactful experience for our Scouts. 

We know we cannot offer the camp any of us expected. We will use our expert volunteer and professional teams to work out what we can do within the newly released guidelines and high safety standards of the BSA. The task force is reviewing other programming at this time for small groups and families to still experience the outdoors and influence of our great Scouting program.

Launching June 12, 2020: Summer Adventure Club! Pre-Register Today!

Webinar Recording

Todd McDonald, our Director of Program & Member Experience, shares the latest on our summer camp plans.

Your Ideas Wanted

Help us develop alternative camping ideas at our survey. 

Discussing Disappointment

We understand that not having summer camp can be a huge disappointment to our Scouts. Here are some tips and tools on discussing disappointment.

Dr. Audra Kaplan of Camp Ramah Darom’s Mental Health Support Team:

Helping Our Kids Manage Summer Disappointments by Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

Restarting Unit Activities

While we are all anxious and excited to re-start Scouting as we know it, we must take specific precautions to mitigate risk. View the blog post below for recommendations for restarting activities in your unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions from our parents, Scouts, volunteers and the public who look to the Cascade Pacific Council as experienced leaders in camp safety.

Which summer camps are being cancelled?
  • Scouts BSA Camps: Camp Baldwin, Camp Meriwether, Camp Pioneer
  • Cub and Webelos Resident Camps: Butte Creek Scout Ranch, Camp Clark
  • Cub Scout Day Camps: Camp Ireland, Willamette, Mid-Columbia
  • Horse Trek, and National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).
What challenges prevent normal or adjusted camp operation?
  • The center of prevention of COVID-19 transmission is social distancing of at least six feet at all times.
    • Fundamental actions like transportation, sleeping, feeding, and group meetings are very difficult to do while maintaining six feet of distance.
    • Climbing, swimming, shooting, horseback riding, rafting, sea kayaking and even knot tying are nearly impossible to accomplish at a distance.
    • Specific social distancing guidelines for camps will likely include small groups of 10 Scouts who must remain together the entire session AND six feet apart during their stay to allow contact tracing. 
    • What may seem possible to accomplish is so far distant from what we consider an adventurous program, it would have little interest or impact on our Scouts.
  • PPE, medical supplies, and sanitizer remain in short supply, and needed elsewhere. 
  • Required training and certification classes for many key camp staff (aquatics, climbing, shooting sports…) have been cancelled or rescheduled.
What other opportunities are being offered?

Although pack and troop summer camping programs are cancelled, we are blessed to have an energetic and creative program team and camp staff who are currently developing virtual and possible camping opportunities for our Scouting family. Information on these opportunities will be forthcoming.

How can you offer full refunds?

Cascade Pacific Council sees our summer camping program as a partnership between the programs we offer and the leaders and families we serve so that, together, we can positively influence the lives of our precious Scouts. We know this time has been harder on some families than others. We hope that those who can help us maintain our programs will help.  Please continue to camp with CPC and consider a donation to our Camp4all fund to ensure our impact for years to come.

How do we let you know our choice for our fees?

We need your help to streamline the process of tracking and supporting nearly 750 existing reservations. Your troop or pack will be cancelled in the next few days, creating a credit balance on your reservation. Starting Wednesday, 5/20 , you can use this credit in Tentaroo to:

  • Reserve your space for 2021
  • Make a contribution to Camp4All to support year round camp expenses.
  • Leave your balance for future programming, like that being planned for later this summer
  • Email: to request a refund
  • Combine the above

Please consult with your pack or troop leadership about your choices before finalizing. Refunds are sent to the pack or troop for distribution to individuals.

Why are you asking us to donate part of our fees to camp?

Our summer camping program pays for the year-round operations of our camps. This includes our rangers, maintenance, permits, training, fuel, utilities, and customer service programs for camps. Without camp we still have many of these expenses, but are losing the fees that support them. Your help will go a long way to preserve our great camps. All funds donated will only be used to support our camps. 

What happens to Candy Sales incentives? (Cascade Pacific Council Units Only)

Once your unit settles their candy sale, your camp incentives will be useable through August 2021 for upcoming 2020 alternative programs and 2021 summer camps. Please see the candy sale page for details.

What will happen over the next year?

We are committed to providing Scouts outstanding summer camping programs on our properties. Our camps have year-round expenses for maintenance, staff, electricity, and more. You should expect to see appeals to help fund those expenses in the coming months to preserve the quality of our facilities. We look forward to providing the full range of Scouting programs, including outdoor adventures, as soon as the situation allows.

Separate from maintenance expenses, already received designated gifts will allow for continued improvements to our facilities and programs such as showerhouses, washstands, flushing outhouses, and specific program gear. We look to have all these and more ready for troops and packs to return to camping at all our council camps.

We value the partnership of all our Scouting units and families. We understand that there are many questions you may have as a result of these cancelations and have provided some information below that may be helpful. If you have any questions not answered by this information please contact us at 

Are properties open for visitors? For rentals?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, all council properties are closed at this time, through the summer, and until further notice. In order to comply with local and state limitations, visitors will not be admitted.

How can I stay updated on camp developments?
  1. Add your email here for updates  
  2. Get text notices by entering your phone number here 
  3. Follow our social media channels, especially Facebook
Who was consulted in making this decision?
  • Daily Research by our camp team and volunteer leadership
  • Expert advice:
    • Center of Disease Control
    • Oregon Health Authority, Statutes for Organized Camps
    • US Forest Service
    • Local County Environmental Health Departments
    • SAIF Workers Compensation
    • American Camp Association
    • National Association of Camp Nurses
    • National BSA Support.
    • Council Risk Management Committee
  • Our Council Executive Board
  • Listening to you, the leaders and families of Scouting

Still Have Questions?

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