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OA Contacts

Contact Order of the Arrow Leadership

Lodge ChiefMason LewallenEMAIL
OA Lodge AdviserDick Phillips(971) 237-4085EMAIL
OA Membership Vice ChiefLeo RavelingEMAIL
OA Membership AdviserRon StankyeEMAIL
OA Ceremonies Vice ChiefBryant GillinsEMAIL
OA Ceremonies AdviserBlair Timmerman(503) 538-5673EMAIL
OA Service Vice ChiefTor HellandEMAIL
OA Lodge Service AdviserNorm Dannemiller(503) 885-2405EMAIL
OA Program Vice ChiefJack LewyEMAIL
OA Program AdviserCheryl Hunker(503) 515-1087EMAIL
OA Communications Vice ChiefBenjamin FloresEMAIL
OA Communications AdviserZachary Horine(503) 539-3548EMAIL
OA Lodge Staff AdvisorBo Henderson(503) 225-5744EMAIL
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