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Weekly Adventures Delivered to You

Prepare for 8 weeks of fun with the Cascade Pacific Council’s Summer Adventure Club! Become a member and receive a weekly Adventure Kit sent right to your door. (Save up to 34% when you order a weekly membership.)

You may also choose to order weekly kits. All are chock full of fun crafts, activities and adventures for kids ages 5-10.

Please note: if you have never used our online registration portal to go to camp, you will need to create an account here.


What’s in an Adventure Kit?

Kaitlyn from Troop 797 shows us an example with Week 1: Blast into Space!

The Adventures: Weekly Themed Programs

These are the themes for our 8 weeks of Adventure Club programs for kids ages 5-10. You may purchase individually for $60 each or as a part of the packages above (save 22-34% when purchase as a membership package).

Join us for the Adventurers Assemble weekly check-in, Thursdays at noon with special guests for each theme. (Recorded meetings will be made available on Facebook.) 

Week 1: Blast into Space!

June 28-July 4

Blast into Summer with the Week 1 Adventure Kit. Be an astronaut, discover the stars, launch rockets and more!

Kit Contents:

Create a Cloud Mobile art project to share at our midweek check-in

Watch the SpaceX Rocket Launch and learn about space at our midweek check-in (recording available on Facebook)

Build your own balloon rocket from scratch

Give a spaceship eraser to a friend and ask them to join Advancement Academy

Eat Freeze Dry ice cream like a real astronaut

Make a star chart cootie catcher + other coloring and activity sheets

Start your water bottle sticker collection with the Summer Adventure Club Sticker, Week #1 Sticker, and your Nalgene water bottle!


Week 2: Summer Circus

July 5-July 11

Become the world’s greatest entertainer with the Week 2 Adventure Kit. Discover and share your talents.

Kit Contents:

Learn to juggle and learn a magic trick

Complete the Yo-Yo Adventure (Wolf-Arrow of Light) or learn how to Yo-Yo

Make a Mini BL Magazine for you and a friend

Participate in our Zoom Circus by sharing your skit or song

Play Dice Games with your glow in the dark dice

Experiment with Skittles

Design a Magic Color Mask

Create a Clothes Pin Critter and a Paper Spinner

Collect the Week #2 Adventure Club Sticker

Week 3: Superheroes!

July 12-July 18

Superheroes unite! Discover and share your superpowers with Week 3’s Adventure Kit. 

Kit Contents:

Create your OWN Superhero – make them a cape, a mask, a signal, and a comic book

Go on an acts of kindness scavenger hunt

Learn how to walk or run in our 5K with your family

Thank an Essential Worker

Meet a firefighter

Make a superhero mask for a friend and invite them to Adventure Club

Do Superhero Yoga

Submit a good turn for our Good Turn Parade

Collect Week #3 Adventure Club Sticker

    Week 4: Diggin’ Dinos

    July 19-July 25

    Discover the dynamic world of dinosaurs!

    Kit Contents:

    Discover how big dinosaurs are on a dino hike

    Do a mini dino dig

    Learn about geology from a rock expert

    Make a dinosaur mask for you and a friend and invite them to join Adventure Club

    Play week-long Dino Bingo

    Experiment with dinosaur shadows

    Find out which dinosaur you are with our special quiz

    Make a dinosaur footprint art project

    Collect Week #4 Adventure Club Sticker

    Week 5: Ocean Exploration

    July 26-August 1

    A world of wonder awaits under the sea! 

    Kit Contents:

    Make a Shark Fin hat

    Create Puffer Fish art

    Do Ocean Yoga

    Experiment with a balloon and sponge boat

    Play the ocean matching game and the under the sea word search

    Give a shark pencil grip to a friend and ask them to join Adventure Club

    Learn how to eat like a whale

    Go on a virtual visit to an aquarium and the coast

    Collect Week #5 Adventure Club Sticker

    Week 6: Detective Academy

    August 2-August 8

    See what you can spy with your own little eye in this week’s Detective Academy!

    Kit Contents:

    Design a secret code

    Make invisible ink and write a secret message

    Go on a detective mission and solve a mystery

    Make a Morse Code key chain or bracelet

    Create your own geocache and invite a friend to find it

    Do fingerprinting and investigate shoe prints

    Q&A With a Retired FBI Agent

    Collect Week #6 Adventure Club Sticker


    Week 7: Passport to Adventure

    August 9-August 15

    The world is at your fingertips when you use your imagination and creativity!

    Kit Contents:

    Write a postcard to someone in another state

    Learn about dining etiquette around the world

    Design a clothespin airplane

    Make and learn the game of Achi from Ghana

    Design your own flag

    Add a recipe from your culture to our shared recipe book

    Make your own Maracas

    Do France Yoga

    Meet Kaleen and Mariam, Scouts and friends from different cultures and countries

    Collect Week #7 Adventure Club Sticker


    Week 8: Inventors

    August 16-August 21

    You hold the future in your hands as you become the world’s greatest inventor!

    Kit Contents:

    Create a harmonica

    Design a flip book

    Make a DIY bubble snake

    Meet an inventor

    Make an invention and share it at our weekly meeting

    Build a pom pom launcher

    Discover how you can fit through an index card

    Collect Week #8 Adventure Club Sticker


    While supplies last!  Check out these Bonus Kits from Our Summer Camp StafF & STEM Club

    There will be a limited number of bonus kits, chock full of fun for kids ages 5-10!

    Please note: if you do not already have an account in our event registration system, you will need to create one.

    What’s in a Camp Kit?

    Here’s just one example of some of the many activities you’ll find in our Camp Kits:

    Construction Time!

    Throw on your hard hat and safety vest and get ready to construct a week of fun from our staff at Camp Ireland! Finish the BINGO sheet to construct all of your day camp adventures!

    Deadline to register: August 3

    À la carte price: $125


    Butte Creek Wild West Academy

    Howdy partners! Welcome to the Ol’ West! Introducing the Butte Creek Wild West Academy. You will get the amazing activities of camp mailed straight to you at home! You will work hard to become a Butte Creek Wild West Deputy and help Cosmic Cowboy rid Butte Creek of Bad Bart and the McNasty’s. Let your adventure begin!

    Deadline to register: August 3

    À la carte price: $125

    Galactic Knight Academy

    In the future our galaxy will seem much closer than today.  Come explore the world of the Galactic Knight.  These space-going forces of good will ensure balance, harmony and justice. Each youth will be conscripted as a novice in the Galactic Knight Academy.    Complete all 9 trials of the Galactic Knights and you will be able to complete the final quest for knighthood.  Trials include, using the “space force,” spaceship building, propulsion, a focus on the Code of Knights, mechanics, asteroid marksmanship, navigation, “cosmic chemistry,” and construction of your laser sword.

    Deadline to register: August 3

    À la carte price: $125

    STEM Kit

    Nothing’s more fun than a great science experiment!  What’s included: a lab coat, CPC STEM Club Name Tag, beaker, pipettes, folding microscope, magnifier, and more! Scientists and Nova

    Counselors will lead youth through a live weekly science experiment utilizing items found around the house. At the end of our series, there will even be a Virtual Science Fair to show off your invention!

    Deadline to register: August 3

    À la carte price: $50


    Please note: if you do not already have an account in our event registration system, you will need to create one.