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Merit Badge University

October 8, 2022

Registration is now full and closed. No walk-in registration will be available. 

Cascade Pacific Council is hosting Merit Badge University! Many merit badges will be offered with varying degrees of completion. All merit badges have prerequisites, so refer to the table below and come prepared for your session. Participants can choose a pre-selected group of Merit Badges or up to 2 Ala carte Merit Badges for $25! (fee will be the same if you elect to take one merit badge).

October 8, 2022

NEW! Two class options for adults.

CPR/AED: One course from 9:00AM – 12:00PM and 1:00PM – 2:30PM. $20 (Fee covers consumables, ebooks, and certificate).

Stop the Bleed: AM course 10:30AM – 11:45AM. PM course 2:45PM-4:00PM. $15 (Participants will receive a certificate upon course completion).

You’ll learn the three quick techniques to help save a life before someone bleeds out from extremity hemorrhage.
1. How to use your hands to apply pressure to a wound.
2. How to pack a wound to control bleeding.
3. How to correctly apply a tourniquet.

Merit Badge University (see class table below)

Choose a pre-selected “All Day” group of Merit Badges OR 1 AM and 1 PM class. Price will be the same if you elect to take one merit badge.

Refund Policy
All reservations are nonrefundable.

Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus
12000 SW 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97219

Check-in: 7:30AM
All day classes: 8:00AM – 4:30PM
AM class: 8:00AM – 12:00PM
PM class: 12:30PM – 4:30PM
Lunch for everyone (bring your own): 12:00PM – 12:30PM

To Bring

  • Sack lunch/snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Workbook (download below)
  • Check prerequisites below
  • Wear Class A (dress for weather)

Blue Cards
Blue cards will be available at the event which you can take back to your Troop. You may also bring a Scoutmaster signed blue card (whatever works best for your unit).

Key Contacts

Carrie Hutchcraft
Program Assistant: Camping, Activities, & Training


Merit Badge University Courses Fall 2022

Check pre-requisites and bring a copy of the workbook to MBU.
Merit BadgeTimeMerit Badge WorkbookPrerequisites
Spy/Espionage Group: Fingerprinting, Citizenship in the World, Signs Signals and CodesAll Day - SESSION IS FULLDownloadCit World: #3, #7; Fingerprinting: none; Signs, Signals & Codes: #7, #10
Steampunk Group: Electronics & LeatherworkAll Day - SESSION IS FULLDownloadAdditional $15 fee for materials. Electronics: #6. Leatherwork: Please complete all the non-project requirements and #5
Programming & Geocaching Group: Programming & GeocachingAll Day - SESSION IS FULLDownload"PROGRAMMING: This badge requires the completion of three simple programming projects. Scouts of all experience levels are welcome, but having some prior experience with programming is recommended. GEOCACHING: Before arriving, you should: Have on hand a GPS receiver capable of entering waypoints and navigating to them. For example, an Android phone with an app such as Gaia GPS, GPS test, c:geo, or equivalent for Apple devices. The Geocaching.Com application will not work for our class. With the permission of your parent or guardian, set up a free account on www.geocaching.com, then look up 3 caches near your home. Print out the description of those caches from the website, and bring the printouts with you. (Optional) There will be some requirements that you will need to do on your own after class (#7,#8,#9) If you complete any of them before class, bring proof that you did so the counselor can sign off on those in addition to the ones we will cover in class."
ArchitectureAM or PM - BOTH SESSIONS ARE FULLDownload#1a (bring drawing with you), #5 (bring list with you)
Architecture PMDownload#1a Look around your community for different types of architecture. Find your favorite building and make a sketch of it for your counselor.
Bird StudyAM or PM - BOTH SESSIONS ARE FULLDownload#9 and #11
Citizenship in the WorldAM or PM - BOTH SESSIONS FULLDownloadNone
CommunicationAM or PM - BOTH SESSIONS ARE FULLDownload2a OR 2b, 3, 5, 7a OR 7b OR 7c. 8
DentistryAM or PMDownloadBring pocket knife with you
Digital TechnologyAM - SESSION IS FULLDownload#1, #4b write down 4 apps or software programs your family uses and note how each helps you.
Disabilities AwarenessAM or PMDownload#4
Personal ManagementAM - SESSION IS FULLDownloadDecide on 1a before session, read through and research 3-7, optional 8a-d, ideas for 9
SustainabilityAM or PM - BOTH SESSIONS ARE FULLDownload#1, #2 Water & Food - log your information in the MB Workbook and bring to class http://usscouts.org/mb/mb152.asp
WoodcarvingAll DayDownloadAdditional $5.00 fee. MUST BE AT LEAST 14 yrs old AND HAVE TOTIN' CHIT & BRING WITH YOU! Plus complete prerequisites: 1 a, 1b, 2a, 2c, 3a - No Totin chit, no class (we will send you home) Bring your own pocket knife.
CommunicationPM - SESSION IS FULLDownloadWe will do 1c as a group but if you prefer to do 1 a,b,or d, feel free to complete ahead of time; prep for 3, prep for 9
Citizenship in the Nation AM or PM - BOTH SESSIONS ARE FULLDownloadPlease do #8 beforehand. #5 and #7 cannot be done in class.
Emergency Preparedness AM - SESSION IS FULLDownloadScout must have First Aid Merit Badge.
Weather PMDownload
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