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Off-Season Camping

State park-like camping on the beach or in the mountains on CPC properties
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Easy Camping for Scout Units

More than 280 weekend opportunities to camp across 9 Cascade Pacific Council Properties!

Most of our properties are available in the off-season (non-summer camp weeks) for Scout units.

Most include adirondacks or mini-adirondacks, covered cooking areas, wash stations and flushing outhouses.

All include unique opportunities for Scouts to adventure, learn and connect with their Scout unit!

To check availability, click the “Make a Reservation” button to log in to our reservation system. Please note: dates in “green” are available. Dates in “gray” are not available.


Want some winter-time fun? Stay in the cabins at Camp Baldwin!

Scout units can reserve our heated cabins, go snowshoeing (Snow Sports Merit Badge, anyone!), build igloos and have a blast!  You will also have hot showers, flushing toilets, potable water and you can even rent the dining hall for extra meeting space.

Note about cooking: you must bring your own cooking gear and cook outside or in the nearby winter shelter. (Cooking is not allowed in the cabins.)

Note about getting there: you’ll need to drive up “the back way” from Dufur because the road from Highway 35 is not plowed.

8-person, heated cabins with electricity are $80/night for Camp4All goal-getters or $100/night without Camp4All.


Campsites are FREE to units who have met their Camp4All goal. (There is a fee for cabin/building rental.)

Most campsites are $45/night.


Email us at 492.volunteerservices@scouting.org 

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