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Butte Creek Scout Ranch

The Only Cub Scout Horse Ranch on the West Coast

With the largest horse herd of any BSA council, you’ll always find a friendly horse to ride no matter your age or experience. Join us for wild west experience you’ll never forget.


2022 Reservations Now Open!

Cub Scout Grit Starts Here

Welcome to the wild, wild west! The moment each Cub Scout steps onto Main Street and lays eyes on the old frontier town of Butte Creek, he or she will find it easy to imagine themselves as part of the wild west. Butte Creek has a western town Main Street, and each day the mail is delivered by the Pony Express.

Hootenanny Party & Street Show

Participate in the “hootenanny,” a party on Main Street featuring games, a moseying contest and includes a special visit from Butte Creek’s very own sheriff. Enjoy a weekly Street Show for the entire family that’s a walk-through the history of the American West.

New Campsites, Wash Stations and Flushing Outhouses

Following the 2019 wildfires that destroyed nearly all of Butte Creek’s campsites, donors responded immediately, allowing us to rebuild all of our campsites for Summer Camp (See the Full Story).

Meanwhile, we have new wash stations and flushing outhouses for a cleaner experience for kids and families.  (Remember: this is a working horse ranch, so you are guaranteed to get a dirty too!  But this is where Cub Scouts go to get GRIT!) 

Accomodations: Each pack stays in a campsite identified by different “brands.” The brands are Setting Sun, Lazy B, Yellow Rose, Happy River, Circle T, 2 of Hearts, Flying J, Rocking K, and the newest site, Walking 3. Meals are served in a large full service dining hall.


Multiple Sessions are Availble to Choose From!

The Incredible Story of the 2019 Wildfires that Nearly Destroyed the Ranch and the Donors and Volunteers Who Rebuilt Butte Creek Scout Ranch

Featured Experiences

This ain’t your ordinary, cutesy little Cub Camp. Yup, we’ve got archery, and BB guns and nature and all yer camp standards. But Butte Creek offers something special: a one-of-a kind Wild West experience with real cow-folk who live the lifestyle all year ’round. And we guarantee, parents will have as big a hoot as the kids. Don’t worry: we’ll provide the spurs. 

Coffee Bean

Horseback Riding

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Gold Panning

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Trail Tales

Coffee Bean

Wild West Town

Why Butte Creek Scout Ranch?

A Taste of the Wild West

With highly-trained wranglers and the largest herd of horses of any BSA council, Butte Creek is a Cub Scout experience that can’t be beat. With real cowboy tales from the trail and rides for all ages of Scouts, you’ll see why young cowpokes and their families return year after year. 

Because Dirt Washes off,
But Grit Lasts forever.

Butte Creek Scout Ranch is where Cub Scouts learn to grow in their Scouting (and life) experience in a safe, fun environment. If you want your Scout to persevere, lead and grow as a young person, there’s not better place to start than Butte Creek Scout Ranch .

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