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Why Join Scouting? Because


And, as we like to say, this GRIT lasts forever. And so do the friendships, incredible memories and appreciation for the great outdoors!

Adventure. Grit. Growth.

That’s what you get when you Scout with us.

In the Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America, kids grow in resilience & perseverance (a.k.a. GRIT) while learning life-long skills in a safe, positive program, first-class summer camps, winter properties, exclusive family campgrounds & more. 

It’s a journey that means long-lasting positive change for individuals, the community and the world.  Watch the videos to learn more and order your kids a FREE “Adventure Kit” below.

Watch & See How We Scout

What do families say about Scouting?

According to the 2022 “Voice of the Scout” survey, these are the top 7 reasons parents recommend Scouting to other families:

“Scouting is really fun for me.”
“Scouting is a great value for the money.”
“Scouting is our partner in providing positive youth programs to meet our family’s goals.”
“Being in Scouting makes our family feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves.”
“Scout meetings are a good use of our family’s time.”
“Scouting is constantly reinforcing worthwhile values.”
“Our family feels like we belong in our Scout unit.”

Proof that Scouting Prepares Youth for Life

A study by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, found that Adults who were in Scouting as kids had 18 percent lower odds of mood or anxiety disorders.

The study also noted the following “Possible Explanations and Implications” that truly show how Scouting prepares youth for career and life:

  • Scouting offers a “system of progressive self-education based on: promises (laws), active learning, interactions within small groups and stimulating, individual-driven, self-learning through awards.”
  • “Not being purely recreational and unstructured, as a youth sport club might be, [Scouting uses] activities to allow young people to learn ‘to know,’ ‘to be,’ ‘to do’ with adults assisting, rather than directing.”
  • Continued self-learning enables former Scouts “to structure and run their adult lives in a way that is relatively more protective against mental ill health.”
  • Scouting activities develop traits like “confidence, personality, motivation, charm, that are increasingly recognised as important for achieving adult social position.”
  • Scouts spend more time outdoors, and “there is now evidence that exposure to natural outdoor environments is protective of mental health.”
  • Physical activity is a big part of Scouting, and the “benefits of physical activity for protecting or improving mental health are well established.”

Get a Free Kids “Adventure Kit”

Get a taste of Scouting with this fun adventure kits exclusively for kid ages 5-17! Kits will be mailed to your child in 3-5 business days. Enjoy!

Please note: free kits are only for residents in our service area, including the following counties: Clackamas, Clark, Clatsop, Columbia, Cowlitz, Hood River, Klickitat, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, Pacific, Polk, Sherman, Skamania, Tillamook, Wahkiakum, Wasco, Washington & Yamhill.

Free Adventure Kit for Grades K-5

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Free Adventure Kit for Youth Ages 11-17

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Why Do 12,000 Youth & Adults Scout with Us?

Unparalleled personal growth, family activities and camping at nationally-recognized camp properties are just some of the reasons parents get their kids involved in Scouting with the Cascade Pacific Council.

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