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endowment Gifts Make an Impact for Generations

The endowment fund was established to build a stable funding base for the next 100 years of Scouting in our council. Endowment gifts can include cash, stocks, bonds, real property, trusts, pooled-income funds, gift annuities, and life insurance policies. Each year since its inception the Cascade Pacific Council has been recognized as a national leader in endowment growth.

Planned Giving
What estate plan is best for you? Explore a variety of personalized options to meet your needs and your goals. To get started with your own plan contact Anna LaPointe at 503-225-5721 or email anna.lapointe@scouting.org 

Endowment Giving Recognition Levels:

James E. West Fellowship
A designated gift of $1,000-24,999 to the Cascade Pacific Council endowment fund. Download Application Form  or give online

Second Century Society
An outright gift of $25,000 or more payable over five years, or a deferred gift of $100,000 or more.

Scout Memorabilia
Every October, donations of Scouting memorabilia are presented for sale or auction at the Ed Harris Memorabilia Auction. Proceeds from the sale of donated memorabilia go directly to the Cascade Pacific Council endowment fund. For more details, contact Shelley Staudinger (503) 225-5748 or shelley.staudinger@scouting.org.

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