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Financing Scouting

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Who pays for Scouting?Where Does the money come from?Where does it go?
YouthPersonal Savings
Participation in money earning projects
Personal Equipment
Camp Fees
Their UnitsMember dues
Special money-earning projects
Camping equipment
Registration fees*
Boys’ Life Magazine*
Special Events
Program materials
* after the first year
Chartered OrganizationOrganizations budgetMeeting rooms, light and heat
Your CouncilFundraising Campaigns
Trust Funds
Project Sales
Special Events
Organizing Units
Serving exsisting Units
Training leaders
Maintaining Camp(s)
Maintaining Service Center, records and information
Professional Staff Supervision
National CouncilMember Registration fees
magazine ads and subscriptions
Supply division uniforms and equipment sales
National service fees
Local Council Assistance
Program Research and Development
Program Materials
Professional Training
Local Council Insurance and benefits

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