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Summer Camp FAQs & Policies

Here you will find answers to our most asked questions about Summer Camp.

Summer Camp Policies & FAQ

Please note the following “best practices” and next steps:

Make sure to check out the FAQ section at the bottom for answers to commonly asked questions.

    • When making a reservation, the registration contact will be the person receiving  update and billing emails and will be the primary person responsible for the registration.
    • Confirm attendance and invite youth to attend summer camp (opportunity to re-enroll).
    • Collect fees from families ahead of due dates to ensure your Pack or Troop isn’t surprised by the costs of last minute cancellations.
    • Adjust your reservation numbers as changes happen to avoid extra charges and allow campers on waiting lists to come to camp.
    • Communicate with your Pack/Troop parents so they know what’s up and you hear their concerns
    • Special needs? Have parents complete and submit special needs form here.
    • Invite adults and older youth to serve on camp staff. Staff can volunteer for a week or two, or be paid for an entire summer. LEARN MORE
    • Early arrivals are possible if more than 250 miles away, only for ScoutsBSA camps.

Payment Schedule & Refund Policy

At time of registration: A non-refundable deposit of $10.00 per youth is paid to secure a reservation.

A minimum of 2 youth and 2 registered adult leaders is required for all reservations. Linked Boy & Girl Troops must have separate registrations.

March 1st Commitment Payment Due: A non-refundable, non-transferable $100 per youth deposit is due to continue to hold spots (this is an additional $90 for spots already held by the first $10 deposit). Although adult deposits are not required for reservation, accurate adult numbers help camps to plan for the upcoming season.  Please do your best to provide the most accurate adult numbers possible when making a reservation.

May 1st Balance Paid in Full: Units that have paid the full balance will recieve a discount to the Online Trading Post.

Between March 1 and two weeks prior to camp, unneeded spots may be refunded, minus the $100/scout non-refundable deposit.

Two Weeks Prior to Camp Session: At this point spots are considered ‘locked-in’ and full payment is due.

No refunds are made for youth after this date unless the unit submits a refund request form online that is approved.  The Refund Request Form lists acceptable refund situations (i.e. death in family, serious illness, etc); refunds will not include the $100 non-refundable deposit.

Adult fees are fully refundable all the way up till arrival at camp, units only pay for the number of adults that attend.

Quick Links

Watch the Pre-Camp Webinar

Key Contacts

Chris Herold
Resident Camping Director
(503) 225-5711

Camping Department
(503) 225-5701

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