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Renewal Window Opens May 1, 2023

Counselors must renew by July 1, 2023

Merit Badge Counselor Training

As a Merit Badge Counselor, it is your opportunity to learn the ropes, the Council and District advancement teams will schedule training throughout the year. Each Troop Advancement Chair may conduct regular merit badge counselor orientations.   The tools below are to be used for self-training and tools for unit, district, and council training teams to orient Merit Badge Counselors.   See Advancement Contacts on the side menu.

How to Register

Along with the counselor training below you will need to do the following be become a fully registered and approved counselor:

  1. Download and complete the Adult BSA Application form with position code 42
  2. Complete the Youth Protection Training (Y01)
  3. Email Adult Application to the Cascade Pacific Council Registration department at 492.membership@scouting.org
  4. Create a profile at ScoutCommunity.com (if you don’t have one already) and add/claim your merit badge counselor position.
    • Request to mentor for specific merit badges by adding them to your profile under the “My -> Merit Badges” area.

How to Renew

  1. Verify your Youth Protection status: log in to my.scouting.org and click on “My Training” in the drop-down menu in the upper-right of the main screen. IMPORTANT: if your YPT expires before July 1st, you will need to re-take it.
  2. Log into www.scoutcommunity.com , click on the “My” tab then on “Positions.” Then click on the + sign to the right of the green Merit Badge Counselor Renewal bar to open the renewal box. Then click either “Yes” or “No” and the click SAVE.
  3. Send an email to the District Advancement Chair and/or Merit Badge Coordinator stating that you wish to continue as a merit badge counselor. Find your District here and contacts here.

How to be a Great Merit Badge Counselor

Here are some simple tips that every merit badge counselor should keep in mind.

  • Take the Merit Badge Counselor training online through my.scouting.org
  • Make the Scout feel welcome and relaxed.
  • Engage the Scout’s interest by showing them something related to the merit badge subject, but don’t overwhelm them; remember, the Scout is probably a beginner.
  • Carefully review each requirement, start with easy skills or questions, and encourage practice.
  • Insist that the Scout do exactly what the requirements specify. Many of the requirements involve hands-on activities that call for a Scout to show or demonstrate; make; list; discuss; or collect, identify, and label—and he must do just that.
  • Don’t make the requirement more difficult—or any easier—than stated. A Scout may undertake more activities on their own initiative, but he cannot be pushed to do so.
  • During testing, the Scout might need help in a particular area or with a certain skill, and may need to be retested later to ensure the requirement has been fulfilled.
  • Encourage self-evaluation and self-reflection, and establish an atmosphere that encourages the Scout to ask for help.
  • Take a genuine interest in the Scout’s projects, and encourage completion.

Watch the How-To Webinar

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Key Contacts

Michelle L. Baumann  – (503) 225-5714
CPC Advancement Coordinator

Shane Olvera – (360) 607-7620
Council ScoutCommunity.com Coordinator

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