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Scouting for food

Scouting for Food is moving to Springtime! Check back for more details.

A Scout who helps those in need will develop kindness, compassion and a lifetime need to make a difference in the world.

An annual tradition since 1986, Scouting for Food rallies Scouts across the nation to collect food for local food banks.

Cascade Pacific Council Scouts will hit the streets to collect food for the hungry and provide it to specific local food banks throughout the greater Northwest. Food banks will be accepting non-perishable, unexpired food. Other ideas include monetary donations or gift cards.

In Clark County and Cowlitz County, Washington, the entire community gathers for a Walk and Knock. Please check the 2021 policies for Walk and Knock at http://walkandknock.org.

Below is 202o Scouting for Food information. Check back for updated 2022 information.

Scroll down below the table for Scouting for Food FAQ’s.

Unit Coordinator

We suggest one person/family in each unit be the unit SFF coordinator. This person will be in charge of organizing each family within their own neighborhood to put out flyers and collect food. This person will need to set up a drop off area for the rest of the families (i.e. someone’s house, church parking lot where unit meets). Once all the donations are collected, the Unit Coordinator will need to follow the safety protocols listed below for their specific drop site. In order to limit the amount of people going to the Food Banks, we ask that the Unit Coordinator and their family be the only ones contacting them and dropping off the donations. Many Food Banks will require you to make an appointment.

Family-centered collections

Each family in the unit will be assigned a specific area in their neighborhood or the neighborhood near where they meet. This area should be covered by the same family for both dropping off of flyers and picking up donations. Once donations are collected, families will need to drop them off at the designated location given to them by the Unit Coordinator.


Each unit will be responsible to print out flyers and distribute in their designated area (again, each family should work one section and stick with that section). Flyers are not required but may be found useful. Click here for SFF flyer.

Safety first

If your families would rather donate themselves and not canvas a neighborhood, please allow this option as well. Remember, we are committed to keeping everyone healthy and safe and, at the same time, taking care of those families that are most in need.

Below is a list of locations that are accepting donations this year and any special requirements they may have for dropping those donations off. If you know of a site that could use the donations but is not on this list, please call ahead and make sure you are following their proper health and safety procedures. Drop site locations will be updated daily.

Sort Donations

PLEASE SORT THROUGH DONATIONS AND REMOVE ITEMS WITH EXPIRED OR ITEMS NEARING EXPIRATION BEFORE DELIVERING DONATIONS TO PANTRIES. If pantries get caught by the Department of Agriculture inspectors with expired items they can be shut down. 

Key Contacts

Jennifer Mooney
Cub Scout Camping & Program Director

Carrie Hutchcraft
Program Assistant

Scouting for Food Drop Sites

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Scouting for food faq’s

Why are we not providing bags?
The coordination and distribution of bags is not conducive to our health and safety protocols.

Why can’t a family just drop off food on their own?
In order to minimize the contact at each food bank and respect the requests of each food bank’s health and safety procedures, we ask that only one designated family drop off the unit’s donation.

What if there are no food pantries open near us?
Food donations are always needed. Please consider reaching out to local schools, churches and other organizations to share our donations for their needs.

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