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Summer Camp Reservations

All of Our 2021 Summer Camp Opportunities

2021 Updates!

New safety protocols including travel, check-in and cleaning to keep your Scouts safely having fun at all of our nationally-recognized camp properties.

Schedule & Prices

Fees for 2021 will vary depending on the session you attend and whether you are attending from in or out of council. Please see the sessions listed below for the price of camp for Scouts.  Price for adults vary. 

If your session is marked as Full or Near Full, please contact the council office at (503)226-3423 to get on the waiting list or inquire about adding members to your reservation.   “Full Sessions” are close to capacity.  “Near Full” sessions have room but are typically reserved for units to add to their existing reservations. We will do everything possible to help you find a session for your Troop. (Chart is updated approximately every Monday.)

Note: the links below will direct you to our online reservation system (Tentaroo.) You will need to log in to view current availability.

All prices shown are per Scout.

New Safety Protocols Include:

  • Prescreening and check-in protocols
  • Increased sanitization of high touch items, dining areas, outhouses, and showers
  • Masks when physical distancing is not possible
  • Carpooling guidelines when individual transport is not possible
  • Post-event check for symptoms.
  • Adult leader “COVID Champion” training to help units follow protocols

Please note: this is meant as an overview of new protocols and are subject to change based on the latest state, county and local health regulations and recommendations of our Safety Task Force. 

Butte Creek Scout Ranch (Cub Scouts)
SessionDatesBase PriceIn-Council PriceStatusRegister
Week 02July 10-13$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 03July 14-17$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 04July 17-20$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 05July 21-24$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 06July 24-27$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 07July 28-31$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 08July 31-August 3$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 09August 4-7$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 10August 7-10$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 11August 11-14$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Camp Clark (Cub Scouts)
SessionDatesBase PriceIn-Council PriceStatusRegister
Week 02July 11-16$343 ($325 Earlybird)$343 ($325 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 03July 18-23$343 ($325 Earlybird)$343 ($325 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 04July 25-30$343 ($325 Earlybird)$343 ($325 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 05July 31-August 3$256 ($240 Earlybird) $256 ($240 Earlybird) OpenRESERVE
Week 06August 4-7$256 ($240 Earlybird) $256 ($240 Earlybird) OpenRESERVE
Week 07August 7-10$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 08August 11-14$256 ($240 Earlybird)$256 ($240 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Camp Baldwin (Scouts BSA)
SessionDatesBase PriceIn-Council PriceStatusRegister
Week 01July 11-17$436 (Earlybird $416)$416 (Earlybird $395)OpenRESERVE
Week 02July 18-24$436 (Earlybird $416)$416 (Earlybird $395)OpenRESERVE
Week 03July 25-31$436 (Earlybird $416)$416 (Earlybird $395)OpenRESERVE
Week 04August 1-7$418 (Earlybird $398)$398 (Earlybird $378)OpenRESERVE
Camp Meriwether (Scouts BSA)
SessionDatesBase PriceIn-Council PriceStatusRegister
Week 01June 27-July 3$439 ($418 Earlybird)$418 ($397 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 02July 4-10 $420 ($400 Earlybird)$400 ($380 Earlybird)OpenRESERVE
Week 03Jul 11-17$457 ($435 Earlybird)$435 per person ($414 Earlybird)Please Call
Week 04July 18-24$457 ($435 Earlybird)$435 ($414 Earlybird)Please call
Week 05July 25-31$457 ($435 Earlybird)$435 ($414 Earlybird) Please call
Week 06August 1-7$439 ($418 Earlybird)$418 ($397 Earlybird)Please call
Week 07August 8-14$420 ($400 Earlybird)$400 ($380 Earlybird)Full
Camp Pioneer (Scouts BSA)
SessionDatesBase PriceIn-Council PriceStatusRegister
Week 01June 27-July 3$418 (Earlybird $398)$398 (Earlybird $378)OpenRESERVE
Week 02July 4-10 $399 (Earlybird $380)$380 (Earlybird $361) OpenRESERVE
Week 03Jul 11-17$436 (Earlybird $416)$416 (Earlybird $395) Please CallRESERVE
Week 04July 18-24$436 (Earlybird $416) $416 (Earlybird $395)Please CallRESERVE
Week 05July 25-31$436 (Earlybird $416)$416 (Earlybird $395)Please CallRESERVE
Week 06August 1-7$418 (Earlybird $398)$398 (Earlybird $378)Please CallRESERVE
Week 07August 8-14$399 (Earlybird $380)$380 (Earlybird $361) Please callRESERVE

2022 Reservations Now Open!

Below are early-bird prices. Pricing will increase to base pricing on August 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM

Camp Baldwin (Scouts BSA)
SessionDatesBase PriceIn-Council PriceStatusRegister
Week 01July 10-16429429OpenRESERVE
Week 02July 17-23429429OpenRESERVE
Week 03July 24-30429429OpenRESERVE
Week 04July 31 - August 6429429OpenRESERVE
Week 05August 7-13391391OpenRESERVE
Camp Meriwether (Scouts BSA)
SessionDatesBase PriceIn-Council PriceStatusRegister
Week 01June 26-July 2432432OpenRESERVE
Week 02July 3-9413413OpenRESERVE
Week 03July 10-16449449OpenRESERVE
Week 04July 17-23449449OpenRESERVE
Week 05July 24-30449449OpenRESERVE
Week 06July 31- August 6449449OpenRESERVE
Week 07August 7-13413413OpenRESERVE
Week 08August 14-20413413OpenRESERVE
Camp Pioneer (Scouts BSA)
SessionDatesBase PriceIn-Council PriceStatusRegister
Week 01June 26-July 2411411OpenRESERVE
Week 02July 3-9391391OpenRESERVE
Week 03July 10-16431431OpenRESERVE
Week 04July 17-23431431OpenRESERVE
Week 05July 24-30431431OpenRESERVE
Week 06July 31- August 6411411OpenRESERVE
Week 07August 7- 13391391OpenRESERVE

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Why Scout with Us?

Prepare for an unparalleled summer camp experience. Ride with the largest horse herd of any local Scout council, explore the Oregon Coast or adventure into the heart of the Cascade Mountains. See why Scouts across the USA camp with us.

Key Contacts

Jeanette Leach – (503) 225-5706
Camping Assistant

Jennifer Mooney – (503) 225-5712
Cub Scout Camping & Program Director

Chris Herold – (503) 225-5755
Camping Director

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Help us ensure every Scout has an unparalleled experience at camp by giving specificially to our Camp4All campaign. 

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