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Missing a pocketknife? Looking for some lost boots? Let us know!

Lost & Found Recovery

Every year, our camps and events witness the unintentional abandonment of belongings. Following each event or week of summer camp, these items are brought to the central Council Office, where dedicated volunteers from the Cascade Pacific Council diligently oversee their management. In an effort to reconnect lost items with their owners, whenever possible we reach out to the units or individuals whom we’ve identified as the potential owners of these misplaced possessions.

A valuable suggestion is to consistently label your belongings, especially uniforms, with your name or initials before heading to camp. This simple practice ensures easy identification, as many others may have similar items.

  • Any unclaimed items will be donated after 45 days of receiving them.
  • If your item is turned in we will contact the person listed on the form.

To assist in the recovery of your missing item, please complete the Lost & Found form. This will enable us to promptly contact you should your item be turned in.

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