Monthly & Weekly Programs and Special Events for the Whole Family

The Cascade Pacific Council is excited to offer an unparalleled summer activity program open to all youth ages 5-18. It’s a combination of socially-distanced fun at home or while spending time outdoors with family.

For Scouts of all ages, you’ll have a blast and fulfill a variety of requirements. There will are specific Adventure Kits for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA alike.

For our non-Scout friends, prepare for adventure, creativity and fun! There are two types of kits you can choose from: ages 5-10 and ages 11-18.  Each has weekly programs and special kits.

Things to know:

  • You can choose to be a club member and enjoy all weekly adventure kits at a discount rate – OR – you can select individual adventure kits à la carte-style.
  • Whatever path you choose, your fun adventure kits will be delivered directly to your doorstep!
  • If you find yourself needing help with the registration process, please email and one of our amazing team members will get back to you shortly!
  • If you need financial assistance, just click on ‘HOW IT WORKS’ and fill out the form that is linked there. Again, one of our team members will assist you.
  • This program for Scouts and non-Scouts so please share this page with friends and extended family!

How It Works

How to Register for the Summer Adventure Club (SAC)
  1. Click on the link to REGISTER NOW
  2. If you do not already have a personal account, please create one. We highly recommend NOT using a UNIT account.
  3. Once logged in, under EVENTS, scroll down until you find SUMMER ADVENTURE CLUB.
  4. First you’ll add your child as a participant. Put in the personal information that is requested. Then you’ll be able to pick the activities that your child wants.
  5. Next, you’ll need to decide if you child wants to join the Summer Adventure Club at one of the levels described above OR choose Al a Carte.
  6. If you choose any of the Club Membership packages, there will be a few additional choices to consider:
    1. Youth 5-10: choose any additional Bonus Kits you may want and/or any of the three events at a discounted rate.
    2. Youth 11-18: If you choose Trail to First Class and 1 MB, you’ll need to select one MB for each week
    3. Youth 11-18: choose any of the three events at a discounted rate
  7. Then you’ll go to the checkout screen
  8. If you have more participants to add, you’ll be able to add the next participant from this screen and go through steps 4-6 again. Select which program that child would like and continue.
  9. Once all your children are added, you can then finish checking out and pay.
How did the CPC devise it's Adventure Club pricing? Is it a good value?

We have tried to make the price for these activities as valuable as possible as we try to bring the Scouting and summer camp experience directly to your home.

At roughly $40 a week to design, purchase, and mail items for 8 weeks based on 8 different themes, we find this is a good value compared to other programs we have analyzed from across the nation. 

The higher fee for participation in just one week a la carte program covers the setup and additional handling.  

The Scout BSA package is 16 merit badges over 8 weeks. This package offers 4 times the merit badges the average Scout attempts during Summer Camp.  It is taught by some of our best summer camp staff who are paid to be available to each Scout all summer.  

We also have heard that with our Cub program, Scouts are so excited to receive their weekly box. Our children want these programs. 

Finally, most families look for quality enrichment activities during the summer to reduce screentime, provide a positive impact, and growth opportunities.   Doing these activities with your child will significantly enhance your summer.

If funding is a challenge, we are accepting camp scholarships, candy sale credits, and unit summer camp credits.   If you are interested and would like to be considered for a camp scholarship, fill out this form.  

What if I need help financially?

We can help with that! If you had originally applied for a scholarship for summer camp, you are pre-approved to use those funds again. Before you begin the process of selecting what program your child would like, please fill out this form. We will help walk you through your registration process and credit you the scholarship amount towards your final fee.

What if I have Candy Sales credit?

We can help with that, too! If you had candy sale credit for summer camp, you are pre-approved to use those funds again. Before you begin the process of selecting what program your child would like, please fill out this form. We will help walk you through your registration process and credit you the candy sales earnings towards your final fee.

What if I need help with the registration system?

We are so glad you are asking for help. We would love to help make this process as easy as possible. Feel free to call our Member Services at 503.226.3423 or send an email to Someone will get back to you within a day typically.


What if I want to add more items after I’ve already registered?

The good news is that it is your own personal account, so you can always go back and add more kits or events as you want.

How do I register for just the events?

The Family Events are located in the Family Adventures page.

How do I register for an event if it was part of my club membership? I don’t want to be charged twice.

No problem! If you are a Gold club member, you’ll get a specialized link to register for each event once the event is closer.