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Introducing "SNACK ATTACK!"

How to Raise Money for Scouting Adventures through the Spring Snack Sale

Formerly known as the Candy Sale (or the Spring Product Sale), we’re kicking off a new theme: Snack Attack. Why? Well, who doesn’t like a great snack!?! Oh, and meat sticks aren’t exactly candy…unless you’re Bigfoot! So, join us for the fun and raise funds for Scouts in your pack, troop or crew!

Your How-To Guide


  • Unit orders due to district by February 1.
  • Place your order using the online form on this page.
  • Orders will be filled and distributed to districts the week of February 8-12.
  • Weekly re-orders are due each Monday to your district sale chair / professional to receive by Thursday / Friday.
  • Sale ends Monday, March 29th.
  • Settlement form and payment due Wednesday March 31.
  • Return unsold / unopened products on or before March 31 to your district sale chair / professional.

Sale Tactics:

  • No storefront sales.
  • Sell to your network – family, friends, businesses / places of work.
  • Advertise on Nextdoor / parent groups / PTA groups at your schools.
  • Sell to neighbors.
  • Sell 1 bag, 1 box at parent workplaces.

Sale Incentives

  • Weekly drawing entry for each box plus bag sold – sell 1 bag + 1 box ($84.00) to get entered into a weekly drawing for a gift card.
  • 30% return to your unit.
  • No camp discount – however we do have “camperships” available if you need funding to get to camp! Contact your professional or Virginia.Molina@scouting.org for details.
  • Unopened boxes of candy are returnable. Meat sticks in quantities of 24 are returnable. Due back by March 31.

COVID Guidelines:

  1. Wear a facemask / face covering and ask buyers to wear one too.
  2. Stay more than 6 feet away.
  3. Sanitize between transactions and after settling funds.
  4. Sell in household groups (family)

Contactless Ways to Receive Funds
1. Accept cash/checks in envelopes.
2. Venmo, Paypal are fine options as long as facemasks are worn and unit accounting system is in place. (Not a COVID-safety issue)

Door-to-Door Sales Know How
1. Ask permission to talk to them. If they say no then thank them and leave.
2. Stay more than 6 feet apart.  Quick transactional breaches are ok as long as both are wearing facemasks.
3. Do not go inside homes.
4. Sell to neighbors when a big game is on tv! Think Super Bowl or March Madness!


“Feed the Beast!”

 Everyone Has A Hankerin’ for a Snack

Feed that snack beast with our delicious World’s Finest Chocolate bars or Tillamook Country Smoker meat sticks. Whether you’re craving sweet or savory, we’ve got the snack for you!

Social Media Posts

Post Copy Example: Feed the “hungry beast” in your life with our sweet or savory treats and support local Scouts! We have World’s Finest Chocolates and Tillamook Country Smoker meat sticks for sale right now for just $1. Ask me how!

Impact for Generations.
Prepared for Life.

This is more than a motto. It is a manifesto. It is our promise to the community and to every parent and child who Scouts with us. By Scouting in the Cascade Pacific Council (CPC) of the Boy Scouts of America, every youth can learn to make an impact on the world around them and be more prepared for career and life.