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BSA Fishing

When you catch a fish do as I do – only keep those you specially want for food; put back the others the moment you have landed them” – Baden Powell




The BSA Fishing program offers resources for units, districts, and volunteers to develop affordable and enjoyable fishing activities for Scouts, emphasizing its role in teaching patience, conservation, and a love for nature. With over two million Scouts earning the Fishing Merit Badge and growing interest, the program focuses on training Certified Angling Instructors, expanding youth participation, and utilizing fishing for recruitment and diversity efforts, envisioning a future where fishing plays a vital role in introducing Scouts to this lifelong sport.



Russ Lawrence
Certified Angling Instructor

Camping Department

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Course Descriptions

Certified Angling Instructor Course

The CAI Training courses are facilitated by a team of CAI Course Directors and their staff of Certified Angling Instructors.  All instructors maintain a focus on providing enhancements to your fishing program and serving our Scouts. Course is designed to train leaders to execute fishing programs and to learn how fishing enhances Council, District and Unit programs, supports current and potential Merit Badge counselors.  Perfect also for Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, and Venturing leaders and summer camp fishing instructors.

Angling Educator Course

Angling Educator is a four to five hour national training course taught by BSA Certified Angling Instructors. The purpose of the class is to prepare program leaders to teach BSA Fishing Basics to Scouts and Cubs. Teaching both fishing skills and how to plan and run fishing events for their unit, district, or Council. Angling Educators learn age-based and skills-appropriate fishing tools and techniques for simple cane pole and spin cast fishing. The course highlights best practices in both the classroom and in the field.

Youth Award

Complete Angler Recognition

The Complete Angler recognition was established to honor well-rounded youth anglers. Scouts who have earned the Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Fish and Wildlife Management merit badges can earn the award. 

Earning the BSA Complete Angler Award could help you expand your fishing knowledge and experiences.  With the Complete Angler Award, you can become a mentor for younger Scouts, sharing your knowledge and helping others to enjoy a positive fishing experience.  

To become eligible for the award, start by earning these three merit badges: Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Fish and Wildlife Management. Then complete one or more of the following projects:

·         Teach a Fishing or Fly Fishing merit badge skill to your troop, crew, or team as part of a unit program activity.

·         Help instruct Cub Scouts on fishing skills or fishery management as part of a Cub Scout meeting or outing.

·         Participate in a local fishing derby or tournament, either a Scouting or community event.

·         Complete a conservation project that will benefit a local fishery.

For additional information, click here: http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2015/04/03/complete-angler-and-certified-angling-instructor/


Impact for Generations.
Prepared for Life.

This is more than a motto. It is a manifesto. It is our promise to the community and to every parent and child who Scouts with us. By Scouting in the Cascade Pacific Council (CPC) of the Boy Scouts of America, every youth can learn to make an impact on the world around them and be more prepared for career and life.

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