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Survival Skills



Survival Training

Survival training is used to teach survival skills to individuals who are generally challenged to sustain their basic needs, such as food, water and shelter, in a unpopulated area, with little or only natural resources.

Key Contacts

Carrie Hutchcraft
Program Assistant: Activities & Camping

Current Trainings

Wilderness First Aid

Registration is FULL.

October 7 – 8, 2023

Saturday 7:30AM to Sunday 2:00PM

Camp Meriwether
17500 Cape Lookout Rd.
Cloverdale, OR 97112

Participant registered and camping with their unit during Scouts BSA Super Weekend : $100.00

Participant training-only: $100.00. Additional for camping and meals.

Additional cost of $15.00 to camp in a Minidac plus meals. Please indicate what nights you are staying during registration. Price will be the same if you decide to camp one-night or two-nights or if you choose to bring your own meals.
Additional cost of $35.00 Premium housing and meals one night. $55.00 Premium housing and meals two nights.  Price for Premium housing will be the same if you decide to bring your own meals.

Refund Policy
All reservations are nonrefundable.

What is WFA? “Wilderness first aid” is a generic term that commonly refers to any training course that covers the prevention and treatment of injuries and illnesses that one may encounter in a remote environment. Many providers offer wilderness first aid courses, but not all courses are created equal—they vary in content, duration, accreditation, and other factors.

The WFA course is a 16-hour certification suitable for participants ages 14 and older. The curriculum includes not only classroom instruction but also a practical hands-on application in the form of practice scenarios. More important, it emphasizes that the safety of everyone involved is paramount, and it teaches participants how to gain control of an urgent situation so that resources (people, supplies, etc.) can be utilized appropriately.

Prerequisites. Being at least 14 years old and completing a CPR and AED certification course led by a nationally recognized provider are the only prerequisites. Having basic first-aid training is very helpful but it is not a prerequisite.

Mark Hillyard

Impact for Generations.
Prepared for Life.

This is more than a motto. It is a manifesto. It is our promise to the community and to every parent and child who Scouts with us. By Scouting in the Cascade Pacific Council (CPC) of the Boy Scouts of America, every youth can learn to make an impact on the world around them and be more prepared for career and life.

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