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Prepare for a Fantastic Fall of Scouting!

New Plug & Play Programs NOW AVAILABLE!

Monthly Adventures Start Soon!

Plug-and-play programs and activities to keep your Scouts engaged and having fun in Scouts.

Share Your Grit!

Invite a friend to Scout with us with a FREE Adventure Kit!

While everything else has shut down, Scouts persevered. And with new programs and future adventures, there’s no better time to show that “GRIT STARTS HERE” in the CPC

Get Outdoors and Get Your Scouts to Camp!

Multiple Properties to Choose From!

Play on the Beach or Scale a Mountain Peak

Join us for Family Camping in the CPC

More News from the CPC

Updated: Patrol Camping & Re-opening Scouting Activities

Updated: Patrol Camping & Re-opening Scouting Activities

How to Mitigate Risk & Be Responsible Scouts While we are all anxious and excited to re-start Scouting and get outdoors, we must take specific precautions to mitigate risk. Below are the latest recommendations and details from the Cascade Pacific Council and our Safety Task Force. Required...

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The CARES Act Incentive: Tax Benefits to You when Giving to the CPC

The CARES Act Incentive: Tax Benefits to You when Giving to the CPC

In the wake of all the news surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, passage of the CARES Act came as a breath of fresh air to many Americans – for many different reasons. Provisions designed to stimulate charitable giving were particularly welcome in the nonprofit world. Following is a summary of the...

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Redistricting Updates

Redistricting Updates

Working with a team of district volunteers, the Cascade Pacific Council is moving to new model aimed at providing better service to our valued members. Here are some of the details: Boundaries: districts now align with school district boundariesSize: districts are much larger than in the past,...

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How We Scout in the CPC

WHY Do 12,000 Youth & 20,00o Adults SCOUT in the CPC?

Prepare for adventure in the CPC

Epic adventures, lifelong friendships plus skills and confidence that last a lifetime. It’s why thousands of parents and kids say “yes” to Scouting in the Cascade Pacific Council.

Impact for Generations.
Prepared for Life.

This is more than a motto. It is a manifesto. It is our promise to the community and to every parent and child who Scouts with us. By Scouting in the Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America, every youth can learn to make an impact on the world around them and be more prepared for career and life.

What’s Happening in the CPC

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