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Membership & Recruiting Tools

Share the awesomeness of your Scouts and the uniqueness of your unit.  

Tools to Power Up Your Fall Membership Drive

Marketing Tools Webinar

Your step-by-step guide to all of the tools, freebies and more on this page!

Join/Back-to-School Best Practices

Your step-by-step guide to success for Join Nights and Back-to-School Nights!

2023 Recruiting Kickoff from the BSA

Step-By-Step Tips for Promoting Your Join Event
  1. Create a Link Tree that looks like this at https://linktr.ee (Here’s a video on how to do set it up.) You’ll want to share the short link (something like “linktr.ee/canbyscouts882”) when you order stuff from us and use it on your materials!  
  2. Order signs, banners, stickers, flyers and the postcards here (click on the “order signs” button for your unit type.)
    1. Note: on the postcards, you can use this template on Google Docs to print them out at home, or we can print them for you. Just note that on the Order form. (I personally, like to print them out at home.)  Promote the activities that you are doing for your November 19th join night!
    2. You’ll see in the template that you can add your QR code that you can download in the “Invitation Manager” tab at my.scouting.org 
  3. Create a Facebook Event for the join night activity.  Add that link to your Link Tree. 
    1. If the unit has some $$, we’d recommend “boosting” your event, targeting the local area. Here’s how.
  4. Start posting your weekly meetings and upcoming “Adventure Day/Night” (Pro Tip: don’t call it a “join night” because you want to entice them with how fun your troop/pack/crew/ship is before asking them to join!). 
    1. Next Door post can be as simple as this every week with a new picture: “Scout Troop 1234 has an awesome year of fun and outdoor adventure planned. We’re welcoming boys and girls ages 11-17 to join us at our meetings at _____ on _____ to see what we’re all about!  PLUS we have an awesome “Adventure Day” planned November 19th at _____. Learn more on Facebook at (INSERT LINK) or contact us at (LINKTREE LINK)”
  5. Have your Scouts hand out the postcard invitations to the weekly meetings or “Adventure Day” specifically to a specific friend. 
  6. Follow up and make sure they have given their friend the card.  If not, give them another card to hand out to their friend!
  7. Ask the Chartered Org if you can put up the poster you’ll order from us and hand out postcards to folks or if they have a way to share them for you. Also, I’d recommend asking nearby churches or schools if they can share the invitation or post a poster too. 
  8. If you are doing any Community Service in the area, make sure you put up the Community Service banner you ordered from us for good PR in the area 😉

PLUS! Fantastic Prizes for Super-Scout Recruiters!

That’s right! Top individual recruiters (Scouts) in each district and the council (plus a bonus winner!) will win a DRONE!  PLUS top recruiting units in each district will win a pizza party!

When: recruit from August 1-November 30, 2023

How: leaders and parents enter Scouts who recruit friends here.  (Friend’s membership applications MUST be received by the council no later than November 30, 2023 to be eligible.  Entry deadline: December 15, 2023. )

We’ll tally and announce the winners before the end of the year!

Prize details: 8 Scouts will win this Holy Stone drone or an comparable product. One grand-prize winner will receive this DJI Mini 2 SE or an comparable product. Pizza party will include pizza and beverages for all registered youth and adults in the Scout unit.

Free Recruiting Tools for Your Scout Unit

Award-Winning Campaign Materials to Promote Your Scout Unit!

Themes include “Grit Starts Here,” for Cub Scouts and “Grit Lasts Forever” for Scouts BSA. “#AdventureON” is the new campaign from the Boy Scouts of America.

Please use the following hashtags when creating your awesome social media posts and be sure to tag the Cascade Pacific Council so we can share too:

#GritStartsHere  #GritLastsForever #AdventureON #CubScouts #ScoutsBSA

New! Customizable Unit Event Postcards!

Sturdier than a flyer, you can these postcards to as person-to-person invitations to your next “invite-a-friend” event!

Customize them yourself using this Word template and printed on these name badge stickers, or print at home with this Google Doc, or click the ORDER FORM buttons to have us customize them for you!

New! #AdventureON Campaign Materials!

The new national BSA marketing campaign is on! And we’ve build these graphics exclusively with CPC Scouts to help promote your next great adventure!

Note: these are .ZIP files which can be downloaded and opened and saved on most mobile devices.

Simple Social Media for Scout Units

Below are samples of some of the 15 “GRIT” themed graphics for social media posts or email headers. Post along with your Scout stories of adventure, grit and how you’ve seen your Scouts grow in confidence and courage.

Because Grit Starts Here

Because Grit Lasts Forever

Highlights to Share with Parents

Why Scout With Us?

The Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America guides thousands of girls and boys to become the goal-getters & leaders of tomorrow. Here, youth ages 5 and up grow in GRIT through unparalleled outdoor & leadership programs for the whole family.

Quick Facts:

No other organization make as much local impact as our Scouts and volunteers! Share these amazing facts with parents you know!

Active youth in 2022: 7,800

Eagle Scout awards earned: 270

Annual Service Project hours: more than 100,00

Annual Food Collected: more than 100,000 pounds!

Marketing Tip: Easily Share Your Meeting or Join Night Locally

You can easily promote your next meeting or “Join Night” on by creating a Facebook event or posting it on local events calendars like Pamplin Media or on NextDoor.com under the Events category. Or connect with Facebook Groups in your neighborhood!  Then use the “GRIT” videos and graphics on this page, or create your own, to give your post some pizzazz!

Below are some samples of subjects and descriptions you can use:

Your Event on NextDoor


Get Your Kids Unplugged & Outdoors!

Event Description:

Meet the awesome Scouts and parents of (CUB SCOUT PACK # or TROOP #) and hear about the fun and adventure we have in store this year!

Our group of Scouts is open to (boys, girls, ages).

We have a great year planned with opportunities to get kids unplugged and outdoors! Our Scouts and families get exclusive access to camping on the Oregon Coast, horseback rides, summer camps and so much more!

Meet our Scouts and join us for the adventure!

  • When:
  • Where:
  • Contact:

You can even get a FREE Scouting sample kit for your son or daughter sent right to your door!  Order your free kit at https://cpcbsa.org/grit/


Looking to get your child unplugged?

Event Description:

Join us for safe, outdoor adventure & fun! Our Scout (troop/pack) is all about getting kids unplugged and outdoors with  hands-on activities like (first aid, geocaching, fire-building and camp cooking)! Join us (Tuesday) nights at (7 p.m.) for the adventure!

  • When: 
  • Where: 
  • Contact: 

You can even get a FREE Scouting sample kit for your son or daughter sent right to your door!  Order your free kit at https://cpcbsa.org/grit/ 

Adventure, Grit & Growth StarT Here Promos

Get new Scouts excited for Summer Camp 2021 and other epic adventures your unit will take next year!
Download these videos for posting on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Share along with a personal story about why you Scout.

Promo videos For Younger Scouts 

Facebook Videos: Use these promotional videos for your social media posts or as the header image of your Facebook group page.

Promo Videos For Older Scouts 

Facebook Videos: Use these promotional videos for your social media posts or as the header image of your Facebook group page.

Fillable Flyers & Downloads

Select multiple files to download at once, or download them individually.

Tip for fillable flyers: “Save As” on your local PC to ensure your edits are saved.

Email Buttons

Add these images to your email signature file and link it to https://cpcbsa.org/grit  Leads from the “Free Adventure Kit” campaign will be sent to the Scout unit closest to the recipient.

Impact for Generations.
Prepared for Life.

This is more than a motto. It is a manifesto. It is our promise to the community and to every parent and child who Scouts with us. By Scouting in the Cascade Pacific Council (CPC) of the Boy Scouts of America, every youth can learn to make an impact on the world around them and be more prepared for career and life.

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